Create an account and confirm your purchase of a WHITE CLAW® Subscription atWHITE CLAW® shop.  

  1. Go to and create a shopping account – over 18s only.  
  2. Complete your details.
  3. Choose your WHITE CLAW flavours from the available WHITE CLAW® (12x330 ml packs):   
    1. WHITE CLAW® Hard Seltzer Black Cherry   
    2. WHITE CLAW® Hard Seltzer Mango  
    3. WHITE CLAW® Hard Seltzer Natural Lime  
    4. WHITE CLAW® Hard Seltzer Raspberry  
  4. Minimum order is 2 packs of WHITE CLAW®  
  5. Maximum order is 10 packs of WHITE CLAW®  
  6. Choose how often you want to reorder WHITE CLAW® – options are: 
    1. Every 14 days  
    2. Every 30 days  
    3. Every 60 days  
  7. 15% Discount will be applied to every order.  
  8. No other discounts are applicable.  
  9. Free shipping on all subscription orders.